Community: LFG FATcast – The Lowdown

We love our community. The people that read our work, listen to our podcasts and debate gaming with us on Twitter and Facebook bring us a lot of joy. With that in mind, community man Adam Findley has taken a special interest in the Low Fat Gaming FATcast’s; read on…

Community man Adam Findley has been compiling stats from the first 6 FATcasts. The results are surprising and shocking…

The Lowdown

Regular listeners will know, Australian art-man Bill Boreham is a person full of love and joy. Here is a sample of some of his optimistic and pleasant statements…

Bill's Rays of Sunshine

Never heard the madness of the FATcasts? You can find them all here on the website or at their new home on Sound Cloud.

From all the team, thanks for the support so far – we’ll keep getting better as long as you keep us going.

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