Friday Feeling: Just Who IS Buying Call of Duty?

The Call of Duty series regularly sells over 15 million copies worldwide. Ask a gamer on the internet though, and they’ll tell you they HATE it. In fact, Low Fat Gaming recently conducted polls on our Facebook and Twitter pages, asking if readers would be buying the recently announced Call of Duty: Ghosts. The reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Read on for the results, your comments and our reaction…

I’d like to point out that I’m by no means a massive fan of Call of Duty. I don’t even own a CoD game. However, it needs to be said that the CoD games do what they do very, very well. You always know where you are with CoD – a popcorn fueled explosion of gruff voices, grandiose action set pieces, amazing soundtracks and more bullets than an Alan Sugar PowerPoint presentation. Ghosts is arriving on next gen platforms and finally sees a shift to a brand new engine. This alone should tell you all you need to know – Ghosts will be a spectacular showpiece for your new machine. When your mates come round, this will be the game you whack on to show them what your four hundred pound investment can do. As to the multiplayer, sure they only incrementally improve the game systems, but don’t forget – as well as being a massively popular game CoD is now an Esport unto itself. You don’t complain when they don’t totally rewrite the rules of football every year do you? Regardless of your opinion on Call of Duty, you can bet your bottom dollar that Ghosts is going to make a lot of people very happy. – Matt Reynolds

Community says:

I hear there’s a new engine being used and it’ll be interesting to see if Infinity Ward’s approach is different, due to heavy staff losses. So I guess yeah, why not. – Ryan Clayton

Even the gamers who voted yes seem lukewarm. Let’s face facts though – CoD: Ghosts WILL be a huge success. CoD is ingrained in the public zeitgeist now and is an annual event it’s millions of fans look forward to. Rumors of changes and new engines have a sizable amount of you on the fence though…

Now it may seem ambiguous to you all that in this poll I decided to go with ‘undecided’, however, it is justified. It’s been confirmed that it is to be fully announced on the 21st of May, and is to be a next-gen launch title; this, is the reason why I am undecided on whether to buy this or not. Think of me as a CoD agnostic; I don’t know whether I can believe in CoD or not. Will it change my life? – No, of course it won’t, however, the prospect of it being released with next-gen only is promising, however, it may be inevitable, which, indeed most likely it will be, that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be similar if not identical to the previous CoDs. The new CoD isn’t going to be a ‘must have game’ however, I, deep down, really hope that the new Call Of Duty will change things. Hopefully, with it being a next gen game, it will have a new advanced engine, new gameplay mechanics and the like, however, there’s a reason Call of Duty sells; it’s their formula which seems to nail it, personally I do not agree with it, but if it sells, why change it? To conclude, however; maybe it will change, maybe the new generation of Xbox gaming will inspire a new Call of Duty? Most likely not, however, I’m not writing this one off just yet, just in case I am, genuinely surprised. Doubt it though. – Cameron Harris

Community says:

I’m in the undecided camp. Haven’t played a CoD game since MW2 but I’m willing to have an open mind on this new one. If it’s more of the same, I’m out. – Dave Green

Are we right to be cynical about HOW different CoD: Ghosts will be? We’ve barely seen anything of the game yet – just its name and a live-action trailer – and people are already wary of it being more of the same. While this can be leveled at previous entries in the series, won’t this one be different? The majority of you think not and have already decided you WILL NOT be buying it…

Call of Duty, the game everyone seems to love except me, or at least that’s how it feels most of the time. The campaign? An incredibly short, forgettable cutscene. The multiplayer? A load of bland arena’s where players run around like headless chickens, firing at each other endlessly. Join a multiplayer match and be greeted by racist, sexist assholes and (for some reason?) singing children. Play the campaign and experience a story that feels as though it were written by an immature teenager who thinks the only way to shock someone is to blow up a tiny child meters away from the player, or have you slowly move through an airport gunning down innocent civilians. It’s a game designed for morons but, despite this, it somehow manages to sell millions of copies every year. Everyone loves it, so all I can do is continue playing the games I love and hope it eventually disappears. However, judging from the success it’s had, I highly doubt it will. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong, just blow that shit up. – Bill Boreham

Community says:

Don’t care for Call of Duty, if it’s a first person shooter and it isn’t atmospheric or has a great story I don’t want any part of it. I’m not engaged by the Call of Duty style of Micheal Bay criss-cross the world as it gets flattened under the weight of sixty million tonnes of Russian explosives. PREDICTION: When Call of Duty: Ghosts comes out – although it will not be innovative, it might just throw in some (and they mostly in BLOPS II were) arbitrary choices – you are gong to have sites like IGN, Gamespot and magazines like Gameinformer prancing around and shouting “This isn’t your average Call of Duty game!” in your face. – Rory Mullan

So, just who IS buying Call of Duty every year? Can over 15 million people be so wrong? Our theory is twofold. Firstly, CoD is now a lot of “hardcore” gamers ‘dirty secret’. Many of us buy it every year – to revel in the bombast, to join in on the multiplayer mayhem – but don’t want to admit it to our gaming brethren.  Secondly, CoD appeals to the casual gamer, the gamer who buys one or two titles a year, the gamer who will happily play CoD non-stop until the next release? Is this so bad? Are we wrong to judge? While the gaming industry would undoubtedly be better off if this gamer bought more titles per year, maybe we’re doing a poor job at showing just what they’re missing out on.

– Dave Green @davidpgreen83

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