State of Play: Call of Duty Ghosts To Be Revealed Alongside Next Xbox


Call Of Booty

We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know it was going down like THIS. Microsoft will be finally revealing their new console to an eagerly awaiting world on May 21st and Call of Duty: Ghosts will be there too – getting a world-wide premier.

Microsoft and Activision have had a close working relationship for some time, CoD games are regularly given premiers at Microsoft’s E3 conferences and the 360 has boasted timed-exclusive DLC on many occasions, but this is HUGE. Like it or loathe it CoD is big business and big news – the whole world sits up and takes notice to the franchise, in a way that only GTA can command. There are many people who buy ONE new game a year; and that game is Call of Duty – would they buy a brand new console to go with it? Possibly. No doubt the speculation will begin as to what Microsoft will announce – exclusive DLC, platform exclusivity – but the countdown has well and truly started.

The Gun Show

What’s clear is Microsoft have a clear and aggressive strategy for their new console: bring out the big-guns and get them out fast. Rumours persist that the Xbox developers have struck an platform-exclusive deal with EA for Respawn’s debut game; Respawn of course headed and staffed by many of the original team behind Call of Duty. How will Sony respond? It’ll be interesting to find out.

What about that slogan at the bottom of the picture? “XBOX”. The name of the new console? We’ll find out in 20 days…

– Dave Green. He’s on Twitter @davidpgreen83

What are your thoughts on this? Sure, there are a lot of CoD haters (and not many people on the LFG team are fans) but there’s no denying how big  draw it is. Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter @lowfatgaming or on our Facebook community page.

5 comments on “State of Play: Call of Duty Ghosts To Be Revealed Alongside Next Xbox

  1. Bloody hell. Forget the Batman news – this is the real cop-out. Another year, a new console……another COD.

    I wonder if it will be like everyone of the others that came before it? Oh it will? Ok…

    I’ll save my money for developers that care and that understand how to evolve.


      • You never know. It will more than likely be more of the same, and I’m no CoD fan, but it’s apparently a new engine for the Next-Gen version. The real news is that CoD sells in its tens-of-millions; to have one at the launch of your new console – and possibly exclusively – is big. – Dave


  2. Yes, I know you’re spot on, commercially it’s a no brainer.

    Even though I just had a mini rant, I shall still keep half en eye on how it’s looking 🙂


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