Horizon: GTA V Trailer Impressions


By now, you should have all seen the new GTA V trailers – each one focusing on a specific character so Michael, Franklin and Trevor all share a spot in the limelight. Community man Luke Mitchell is here with some quick impressions…

New GTA V info is always cause for celebration and there was some really exciting details in the 3 new trailers, and just more of an insight to the characters. Let’s take a look…

Michael – For me it’s good to see the less calculated, more irrational side of him – and how he’s struggling with his family, feeling trapped in the superficial ideas of Los Santos living. Here we have a big insight to how he splits his life, working to keep his family on track but also being a violent bank-robber. It’s interesting to hear him mention he’s already rich; he breaks the law for the thrill of it? There’s some classic Rockstar black-comedy in this section too, which was nice to see. Of course, superb sound-track as always from Rockstar, so all in all, fantastic trailer.

Franklin – One of the most exciting bits of Franklin was seeing more of his ‘hood’ background, and how he’s involved in gang violence and culture. Also how he’s almost trying to break away from this, maybe to focus on keeping his head above the water and earn an honest living? Either way – the ‘gangsta’ vibe definitely surfaces in this trailer, and I believe playing some of the missions with Franklin will feel a bit more San Andreas- something that is very welcome with me.


Trevor – Well, Trevor. What can I say? Even more the unhinged maniac, He comes back better than before in this trailer. His hill-billy life style really comes to the forefront here, as do his unconventional living habits – he also looks like he’s Lynch’s (from Kayne and Lynch) long-lost brother! It’s definitely notable how Amanda thinks he’s a bad influence on Michael, once again showing Michael’s split life between family and other pursuits. More crazy! More explosions! More awesome!


In general these trailers are the news we’ve been waiting for – we’ve seen more of Los Santos and we have gained more of a gist for what playing these characters will actually entail. All exciting, all really refreshing. Importantly, Rockstar seem to giving us more toys and vehicles to play with in their huge sandbox – looks like that classic GTA fun is back on the menu. Fantastic!

– Luke Mitchell.

What were your thoughts on the trailers? With hands-on impressions set to go live on May 2nd across the internet, we’ll be finding out lots more on GTA V very shortly. As ever, sound of in the comments below, on Twitter @lowfatgaming or on our Facebook page.

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