Review: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2


Follow the leader…

The sequel to the not great, yet successful Sniper: Ghost Warrior – the game has changed since its predecessor; it builds ambition in parts, but on the whole; it’s rather dull.

Boom! Headshot.

We’re told to aim for the head. We aim for the head; we shoot the head; this process reoccurs over and over again throughout this short, limited and linear title. What upsets us most about Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is the ambition and quality it shows, but doesn’t execute. Fact is, Sniper GW2 wears a mask, a mask that shows beautiful open landscapes, which are perfect for using your own instincts to fight for survival, castles perfect for enemy bases, however; this mask is only for display. Behind this mask merely shows a dock at the bottom of the hill containing 4 enemies, a house at the bottom of the glacier where 2 targets lay their heads – Underneath the mask, shows a dull, linear shooter. The gunplay is fine, but nothing different – You do feel like a recon assassin for a little while, but that eventually dies off.



The stealth in this game is flawed to say the least, in fact; this game isn’t a stealth game. The enemy sensor is WAY too over sensitive; literally, someone will be looking at a car ten meters to your left, whilst you are laying in a ditch covered by bramble, whilst wearing a ghillie suit and the enemies will see you bright as day. If you’re standing on the other side of a wall made of solid steel, you’re still screwed. It makes the game a very dry shooter, and only a shooter with no other aspects.

Admittedly, the game looks great; the set pieces are large, the textures are smooth, the frame rate struggles from here to there, however that’s merely the 360/PS3 saying “Please let me out! Next-Gen calls for me!”. But what good are these gorgeous open environments when we are only to use a small fraction of it? Seriously, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is like one large interactive cut scene – This, is the layout of the game: Go to sniper position, kill these targets and regroup with your team. This is to reoccur for the next 3 acts…

Following Simulator 2013

We wanted to enjoy these massive environments and do what the hell we wanted. As explained previously, this does not happen. In fact you only kill an average of 50 bad guys by the end of this game… well, sure seems like that. The only information that ever displays on my HUD is ‘follow’. We inevitably ‘follow’ whomever and inevitably reach another damned sniper’s post, here we are; locked in and unable to move. The problem with this game on a whole is how unbelievably linear it is! There is SO much room for experiment, SO much room for stealth, yet none of this is executed; because, in the end, at the bottom of that huge mountain range which displays multiple grand scale enemy hideouts, built for enemies, you will inevitably be aiming for a dingy garage on the beach. Thanks, we feel like a badass. Oh, and by the way – You have to be blind to miss a shot, even on the hardest difficulty.

Follow? Follow.

Follow? Follow.

The story isn’t even worth thinking about. We aren’t going to spoil it, because it’s so damn hard to be bothered to even recall it. Weird thing is; the cut scenes are UGLY. The game looks great but it all goes to shit with the cut scenes for some reason. Anyway, the game is full of dry, two-dimensional characters and relies on an uninspired and expected twist. Voice acting is solid, but there’s not much of it. Ultimately; it’s your generic shooter, containing no depth or density to the story, but hey, you didn’t expect no Ulysses, did you?

To conclude, leave this game alone. Hardly worth the rent.


– Cameron Harris. Follow him, but don’t snipe, on Twitter @c4meronh4rris

Did you play either of the Sniper games? Disagree with our score and want to chip in with your own take? Let us know in the comments section below, on Twitter @lowfatgaming or on our Facebook page.

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