LFG Special: Our Favourite Gaming Easter Eggs – Part Two

Welcome back to Low Fat Gaming’s Easter special, Bill Boreham’s been rounding up folks again, we have the whole LFG team and two community members sharing more of their favourite gaming Easter eggs. Remember to check out Part One if you haven’t already. Enjoy.

David Green
: Eternal Darkness doesn’t have a stand-out Easter Egg; instead the whole game is packed full of surprises, twists and mind-fucks that you never know what’s coming next. Never played it? You’re missing out. Released on GameCube back in 2002, it was way ahead of its time. Your characters can slowly fall deeper into insanity, resulting in the game playing tricks on you – your inventory might go missing or your save file might corrupt. Better yet, your characters limbs might start falling off! These only touch the surface of what is a truly remarkable game and experience like no other.

Matt Reynolds:
Batman: Arkham Asylum‘s biggest Easter egg was typical of Rocksteady – the developer not only got Batman right and made one of the generation’s greatest games, they also proved just how to make a great Easter egg. Hidden within the asylum, accessible through a breakable wall, is the warden’s secret office. Upon inspecting the wall you find blueprints for Arkham City, along with initial concept art – proof of what a forward thinking studio Rocksteady are. It doesn’t add to your completion percentage, it doesn’t give you an achievement – it’s just very, very cool.

Cameron Harris: In Halo 4, a golden gem is found in the beginning of the sixth mission, look for two grunts standing by a forklift and you’ll hear hilarious dialogue recorded by none other than Conan O’Brien and his sidekick, Andy Richter. As to be expected, these aren’t your typical UNSC soldiers, they gripe about the lack of throw rugs in the hanger and openly mock the game’s “an ancient evil awakens” tagline. This is, as said, golden if you are a fan of the show, as the two who are presented also star in an internet based show where Conan reviews games he has no clue about. The egg is also brilliant for people who hate O’Brian, because of course, you can beat the shit out of them.

Bill Boreham: Not only was Grand Theft Auto IV one of the games of the generation, it also had, in my opinion, some of the greatest Easter eggs in gaming, the best of which can be found inside the statue on Happiness Island. In order to reach a hidden door located at the top of the statue – on a small balcony, you must fly a helicopter to the top and dive out. Fail, and you will fall to you death, splattering on the ground below. Succeed, and you will witness one of gaming’s greatest sights, the HEART of Liberty City.

Community – Ryan Clayton: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, When captured at Groznyj Grad after talking to a paramedic on the codec about vampires and weird dreams you find a “Vampire Bat” in the food menu of the Survival Viewer. If you eat it, save and quit out to the menu, Snake will go to sleep. Upon starting the game again you will find yourself in Snake’s dream, battling creatures with dual wielding swords! It’s awesome because it’s not just a reference or cutscene, it’s something you actually play and adds a whole new mechanic to the game, even if it’s only brief.

Community – Martin Conmy: My favourite Easter egg in gaming is not actually in a game, but a book so closely related to gaming that I think it qualifies, even if it doesn’t make it into the Low Fat Gaming article (Congratulations, Martin! – Bill). That Easter egg is the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, the book came out about 2 years ago and it was also released in audio book form read by Will Wheaton. About a year ago the author released information about a sentence of text hidden in the book that is actually a link to a website where you can play an Atari game and see if you can beat the high score. If you get the high score you move onto gate 2 which is another challenge and if beat the second challenge you get a key to the final gate which was revealed internationally to everyone on 08/12 and you have a chance to win Ernest Cline’s DeLorean. The prize was won by beating the high score in Joust for the Atari 2600. This book is a must read and it’s my favourite Easter egg due to its cleverness and it’s look back at the good days of gaming/TV.

That’s all, folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Easter special, remember to like and share, and leave us your thoughts on Twitter and/or Facebook, Tweet us @LowFatGaming, or like and post on our Facebook page, just search “Low Fat Gaming”.

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