LFG Special: Our Favourite Gaming Easter Eggs – Part One

It’s Easter time, baby! ;D

It’s Easter time! And to get you in the mood, Art-man Bill Boreham rounded up the entire Low Fat Gaming team and three of our Facebook community members to look back at some of the best Easter Eggs in gaming, from hidden pickaxes to headset wearing Corgi’s…

Bill Boreham:
Ask anyone who’s played Metal Gear Solid 3 what their favourite moment is, I guarantee 90% of them will say “The End” boss battle. The fight takes place in a huge open jungle, hidden somewhere in the area is a 100-year-old sniper and his parrot, how you defeat him is entirely up to you. This is easily one of the hardest boss battles in gaming and those without the patience needed to take him down will struggle. However, if you find the stress getting to you, simply switch your console off for a week, make a cup of tea, then return one week later and he will have died of old age. Amazing.

“The End” – One of the hardest bosses in gaming, your patience will be tested.

David Green: In the early 1990’s (yes, gaming existed then too!), LucasArts point-and-click adventures were king. All of LucasArts titles were jam-packed with Easter eggs and winks to their other properties, from Star Wars to Indiana Jones. One that always stood out for me was Monkey Island 2, in my opinion their best ever game – combining great Easter eggs and sharp humor. My favourite is an example of both – holding “Alt+W”, a message will pop up asking “Would you like to win?” Pressing “Y”, the credits would role! Afterwards, the game resumes from where you were. This is a great Easter egg – little known, cheeky and amusing.

Matt Reynolds: Silent Hill 2 is a bleak, melancholic game filled with tragedy and pathos. How did all the lost souls become trapped in the ghostly town, doomed to roam as twisted creatures? How did seemingly solid roads out of town become derelict, falling away into nothingness? Well if you’re James Sunderland, you have the skills to discover the truth. After picking up a key from an abandoned dog kennel, you find a room in the town’s hotel with a keyhole it fits. Upon entering the room you discover the horrifying truth of Silent Hill… that everything is being controlled by a small Corgi wearing a gaming headset; flipping levers and turning dials. Earth shattering.

A Corgi wearing a gaming headset? Welcome to Silent Hill…

Cameron Harris: Even if you don’t give a crap about video games, you’re probably aware that two of the most popular games of the past 2 years were Skyrim and Minecraft, because anyone who plays either of them won’t shut up about it. And while these two games are at the exact opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to graphics, they do have some things in common, like fantasy-inspired open-ended game play, gigantic worlds and huge and crazy fan bases prone to swinging out nonsensical memes on your Facebook feed.

But there were less friendly connections between the games: Bethesda was suing Minecraft‘s creator over the name of his next game. Why? Because the game is called Scrolls, and they claim people could confuse it with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; fact was – They were at each other’s throats, massive tension – And then, Bethesda tribute them in their game. Up at the throat of the world, travel to the top; fight the dragon, loot the chest, see the ebony, see what lies next to it… ‘The Notched Pick’ – Quoting Mojang’s big man, Markus Notch. This is one of my favourite Easter eggs, not for how challenging, or funny it is; but for how witty and outlandish it was. The guys were up to their necks in lawsuits, but Bethesda still threw the bait. It’s great seeing companies toy the shit out of each other.

Community – Adam Findley: Grand Theft Auto has become a gold mine, scratch that, platinum mine, for Easter Eggs over its 16 -year existence. To pick one exceptional egg from its vast back catalogue would be a near impossible task, each has its own good, bad and dubious qualities. So rather than pick the best, biggest or the even funniest hidden gag, why not select the one that started the whole sordid treasure hunt off? At least for me anyway…


It begins in Vice City, the Miami inspired, blah, blah, blah… you’ve heard this story. Go to the VCN building on the second island, located on the north side of the street that enters the main island from Prawn Island. Enter the building and you will be transported to the roof, on the VCN helipad. Walk to the end of the helipad and face west. Another building will be blocking your view ahead, it’s closest facade sitting diagonal to the VCN building. There is a secret room hidden here behind the last window, the one closest to the helipad. Take a run up and jump off the helipad towards the building. If you’ve aimed at the right window, instead of bouncing off and making a nice red stain on the street below you should pass straight through the wall and into the secret room. On a plinth in the middle of the secret room sits a chocolate Easter egg. It’s even good enough to wish Tommy a “Happy Easter”. The same egg is also present for Victor Vance in Stories but as the game takes place two years earlier, the egg hasn’t been fully made yet.

So, that’s part one, what would YOU add to the list? Tweet your thoughts to @LowFatGaming on Twitter, or visit our Facebook page and leave us a message. Stay tuned for part 2, coming VERY soon…

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