Friday Feeling: Great Game, Shame About The Ending!

Oh, what a feeling! Yes, it’s Friday Feeling! This week we take a look at great games that had less than good endings – and there are quite a few! Check it out below… THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!

Fallout 3 was a great game. Mixing the ideas and themes from the original Fallout series with Bethesda’s own Elder Scrolls series, the franchise got the critical and commercial success it finally deserved. That ending though… Yes, there were multiple ending but the all basically boiled down to the same thing – a shame after the amount of freedom and choice you had in the game. Each ending was just a series of still pictures, narrated by a bored sounding Ron Perlman. To make matters worse, you couldn’t even continue to play the game after you completed it – a huge shock to fans of Bethesda’s work. Thankfully, the developers saw the error of the ways on this and released DLC to rectify it. Still couldn’t change an extremely underwhelming ending though!

Oh, BioShock how I love thee. Let me count the ways! However, I don’t count the frankly RUBBISH ending! After playing through 10 hours of narrative defining brilliance, the games finale saw you battling a giant golden man in an area with respawning bad-guys. To add insult to injury, your one of two endings consisted of a brief 20 second pre-rendered cut-scene. In a game that had already provided you with the iconic “Would You Kindly” twist (in-game, too) this wasn’t good enough. Ken Levine and Irrational agree and have often remarked about how they dropped the ball. Hopefully, BioShock Infinite will confine big, golden, naked dude boss fights to the past!

Was Rage a great game? I had a lot of fun with it and I’d say it is. What it does have is one of THE all-time shatto endings. The game literally fizzles out – it’s a giant wet lettuce of an ending. After a game of more than solid shooting and post-apocolyptic fun, the titles end-game sees you racing to enter a code to activate the “arcs”, the rebellions last hope to rid the planet of the treacherous Authority. Sounds good, right? It isn’t. After grinding your way through an increasingly annoying number of enemies, you enter the code to be “treated” to a 30 second pre-rendered cut-scene of a bunch of arcs emerging and switching on – then credits. Seriously. I like cliffhanger endings but, for me, this was a frustrating and lazy way to finish. Some resolution before the inevitable sequel would have been nice (Borderlands is like this too – what IS it with post-apocolyptic shooters and awful endings?!).

Knights of the Old Republic II was, for my money, a better game than the original. Or it was going to be, until the frankly unfinished and rushed ending. Obsidian, given development duties as original developers BioWare had turned to other things, were not given the same amount of time to finish the title that the previous game had. LucasArts insisted the game HAD to meet its Xmas release date and what we found was a game that was coming apart at the seems as the game drew to its close. Whole sections of the game were ripped out (the code was still there and those cunning PC gamers found it easily) meaning some characters simply disappeared with no resolution and large plot-holes emerged. Worse still was the actual ending – like many on this list, it just fizzles out, leaving many threads up in the air. A real shame as the rest of the game was excellent. Obsidian know it too, producer Chris Avellone stated in an interview after the game’s release that he wished “there had been more time” to work on the game, and that a large amount of content — a droid factory, an entire planet, and other locations — was cut. Thankfully, there ARE unofficial fan-made patches available on PC that restores much of the damage but many of us are left to wonder what might have been.

– Dave Green. Ask him why Mass Effect 3 isn’t on this list on Twitter @davidpgreen83

We’re sure there are many more examples and we’d like to hear them! Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter @lowfatgaming or on our Facebook page! Remember, these are all opinions though – one person’s shatto ending could be another’s favourite – share yours!

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