Weekly News Blast

News Blast

Weekly News Blast returns, bringing you news about Gears of War, Saints Row 4 and more!


Missing the visceral thrills of Far Cry 3? If so, you will be overjoyed at the patch currently available for download on PC; which adds an extra-hard difficulty level and lets you reset the game’s enemy outposts. Although not part of the plot, the process of observing then quietly stalking each encampment was the highlight of the game, and their re-population supplies a free extra few hours of gameplay – What’s not to love?

Saints Row 4 was announced this week – for CURRENT GENERATION consoles and PC. Due for release in August, it’s based on planned DLC for Saints Row 3 which we find slightly worrying. It’s a smart move to get in just before the release of GTA V but we can’t help but think it’s a little too soon and there’s not really much left to say on this generation of consoles. We’ll wait and see. Dub-step guns though? Hmmmm…

Bionicles of War

Gears of War: Judgment was released Friday, and reviews say it’s brilliant! It scored an amazing 9.4 from IGN and the reviews are nothing below 8 anywhere else… Perhaps we can buy some Bionicles of War for Damon Baird? Look out for our review, from angry man Matt Reynolds, in the near future.

Another game released this week was The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – We have played it a small amount, and from what some of us have played; we don’t like it too much, however, one or two of us have a soft spot. It had the world’s WORST ad campaign; there was only one gameplay piece of footage and by the time of release, that footage was near 8 months old. Reviews haven’t been fantastic, so we suggest you don’t do what we have done and buy it for £40, wait until it’s near £15. Best wait this one out – LFG’s Cameron Harris and David Green will express each others thoughts on the game soon.

Final Fantasy? No.

Square Enix announced a HD remake of Final Fantasy X and X-2 for worldwide release on PS3 and Vita. While the two games will be bundled together on one disc for the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2 will be sold separately. Booooo!

Blizzard announced a new title at PAX: Hearthstone; a free to play card game for PC, Mac and IPad.  When explaining the game; a Blizzard representative said, “We wanted to do something a little different.” The game, described as “really small,” was built by a team of 15. Hearthstone is focused on 1v1 matches and uses Battle.net for matchmaking. Players can duel online to boost their medal ranking. It’s not World Of Warcraft, but hey; these guys know their stuff!

We end with the news of EA president John Riccitiello’s resignation. After a tenure of mixed news and business, and the recent failings of The Old Republic and Sim City Online, Riccitiello decided he’s no longer than man to take the company forward. Where does this leave the gaming giant? We’re hoping someone like Peter Moore, an industry veteran, gets the big job but it remains to be seen.

That’s it for this week, folks! Remember to follow us on Twitter @lowfatgaming and like our Facebook page to keep up with the very latest news and stories!

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