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News BlastHas it been a week already? Cameron Harris says it has and he’s back to bring you the gaming news of the week. Here’s what you need to know… So another week has past which means more games and stuff for us to enjoy! Sadly, this week has been dryer than a litre of gin; however there’s still plenty of content to feast our eyes on to keep us thrilled until next week. So let’s get to it!

We knew it was coming but Ubisoft still surprised us.

We knew it was coming but Ubisoft still surprised us.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag… A subtitle with a number as well!? What is this? We knew one was coming this year, but we never thought that we would get to be pirates, let alone a full on sequel! We would have thought a Brotherhood style spin off was more likely, but there it is. We have an article’s up on the site from our man, David – so check it out here. Reactions have been mixed but there was one title getting unanimous praise this week…

Lara's new adventure has been drawing praise from all quarters.

Lara’s new adventure has been drawing praise from all quarters.

Reviews on the Tomb Raider reboot have been promising indeed! Scores have ranged from solid 8.5’s to high 9’s– we’re excited! Nice to see a classic revived and served justice. Be sure to pick it up and give it a try – it’s out March 5th. News of a more intriguing nature next…

Microsoft and Electronic Arts have entered into an agreement of some type that will see the publisher provide exclusive content, or maybe even staggered releases that favour Microsoft’s new console. While it isn’t exactly clear what the deal will involve, it is not something that is new to Microsoft. They have partnered with publishers before to provide early or timed releases their console only. Rumours suggest the deal could perhaps involve DICE’s Battlefield 4, or maybe the unannounced Respawn Entertainment title that we now know we will be hearing about for the first time at this year’s E3.  While EA was not a part of Sony’s press conference for the PS4, it has since confirmed that it is supporting the platform and plans to release titles for the system. EA has yet to confirm what those titles might be, but we expect it to hear more about this at the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Next event and word is that the announcement will be big. In fact, we predicted The Big M had something like this up their sleeve here.

Sour news next – over in the Twittersphere, a hashtag – ‘#indieAAAconfessional’ – has been doing the rounds and people involved haven’t come out smelling of roses. The tweeters were originally indie game developers who were “confessing” what triple A titles they enjoy which are considered embarrassing to like amongst the ‘indie circle’ – sad. Needless to say, reaction was mixed – a popular tweet read: “#IndieAAAConfessional is a good way to prop up the illusion that there are people who hate all AAA games for no reason.” Wise words. This group comes across as elitist – if you say a game is embarrassing to like, you’re giving no reason to hate it, as these ‘indie developers demonstrate on their page. These ‘snobs’ like to hate games and hate to like them – jokes on them, especially when AAA games can boast the likes of the Mass Effect series, Elder Scrolls and the like. Here at Low Fat Gaming, we just love games – indie or AAA and it saddens us to see the industry at odds with each other. Check out #indieAAAconfessional on Twitter for yourself

It's the expansion PS3 owners have been waiting for.

It’s the expansion PS3 owners have been waiting for.

New releases are thin on the ground this week – but make sure to grab your hands on Transport Simulator or Dynasty Warriors 7 if those genres are to your taste. PS3 owner? Take our advice – get your dirty hands on Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC! It’s finally here so grab your bloody controller and take this opportunity to get back into Skyrim!

– Cameron Harris. He’s new to Twitter so give him a follow @c4meronh4rris

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