Friday Feeling: Upcoming Next Gen Games To Make You Feel Good!

It’s Friday – the STRONGEST of weekdays! As we head into the weekend, we take a look at some of the next generation games that are BOUND to get those juices flowing and make you feel good. Join us for another wonderful Friday Feeling, where if it feels good then you KNOW it’s right…

This is Battlefield 3 at the highest resolution. 4 will make your eyes BLEED. In a good way.

This is Battlefield 3 at the highest resolution. 4 will make your eyes BLEED. In a good way.

Battlefield 4 – 2014

If you didn’t play Battlefield 3 multiplayer on a high-end MONSTER PC then you were missing out. Sure, the single-player was a bit guff but you could argue DICE’s ambitions were held back by putting the title on current-gen consoles. A problem they no longer have. Battlefield 4 has been announced as a next-gen console and PC release and – finally, maybe, hopefully! – we’ll get the Battlefield game we’ve always dreamt about. There are no excuses this time!

No official screens yet but check out the video online. It's HOT!

No official screens yet but check out the video online. It’s HOT!

Deep Down

If Deep Down, the working title of the next-gen RPG from Japanese powerhouse Capcom, isn’t revealed to be Dragon’s Dogma 2 then we’ll stand naked in the window of our local game emporium. On a Saturday. At Christmas. Haven’t played Dragon’s Dogma? Do it. It’s one of 2012’s hidden gems. Imagine a Japanese Skyrim, with difficulty levels approaching Dark Souls and a dash of Monster Hunter, and you’re almost there. Throw in a unique “pawn” party system, amazing (emergent) monster battles and a bat-shit bonkers storyline that only Capcom can pull off and you’ll understand why we’re excited.

Apparently this guy is just a place-holder. Good job - he' currently Blando Carlissian.

Apparently this guy is just a place-holder. Good job – he’s currently Blando Calrissian.

Star Wars 1313

We’re hearing rumours of development issues with this title over at LucasArts. Announced at E3 2012 to the sound of jaws smashing through floors and eyeballs bursting, we haven’t seen anything new for a while but we’re confident it’ll see a release – it’s built up way too much buzz already. While the gameplay is nothing we haven’t seen before, much of the game is still under wraps – we still don’t even know what character we’ll be playing, never mind innovations the title may bring. One things for sure, Star Wars 1313 LOOKS the part.

The shit.

The shit.


To say we’re excited about Watch_Dogs here at Low Fat Gaming Towers would be a massive understatement. It’s rare a conversation goes by without it being mentioned. Is it/was it an Assassin’s Creed game? Will it come out on PS3 and 360 too? Just how much freedom are we going to have? These questions will remain frustratingly unanswered for now but our interest is piqued. Unnecessary underscoring in the title aside, we’ve liked everything that has been shown since its announcement at E3 2012 and we want MORE. We’re a little worried at Ubisoft’s recent output but it’s safe to say we’ll be watching Watch_Dogs very closely.

– Dave Green. Tell him you’ve played Dragon’s Dogma on Twitter @davidpgreen83

What next-gen games have got you pumped? Let us know on Twitter @lowfatgaming or on our Facebook page.

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