Hate-Box: Hit-Baiting is ruining journalism

Our angry man, Matt Reynolds, is back with another “Hate-Box”.  This week he has hit-baiting stories in his sights.  This one could ruffle some feathers…

Sony and Microsoft have a line that they like to wheel out every time the latest gossip hits the headlines – ‘We don’t comment on rumour and speculation’. Unfortunately, its apparent that rumour and speculation are increasingly becoming the bread and butter of mainstream games journalism.

Rather than reporting facts and figures, certain entertainment websites are content to churn out articles that consist of nothing more than ‘Independent Korean Market Stall Owner Reports PS4 Will Run On Peanut Butter And Wishes’ or ‘Will The New Xbox Allow Fat People To Eat Food Through The Screen?’ These articles are useful to precisely no one and are designed purely to increase site traffic.

A couple of weeks ago a very large and well known entertainment site ran a short article about how a newspaper ran an article about what the PS4 might cost in Japan. That’s right, an article about an article about a rumour based on nothing. Since when was this good journalism? It really grinds my gears that these people get paid a full time wage for sitting at a desk stoking people’s unsubstantiated bullshit.

Good games journalism still exists, but its becoming thin on the ground. With the closure of magazines such as XBW and PSM3 its getting harder to cut through all the crap.

Here at Low Fat Gaming, we’re gamers like you. We’re not privy to any insider information, don’t receive preview code or review copies of games, and don’t get paid. We’re not ‘real’ journalists. What we are however, is a group of passionate people who have grown up with gaming and want to share our honest views, based on fact, with you. We will NOT run ‘articles’ unless we know what we are talking about.

Save rumours and wishful thinking for Facebook pages and internet forums, keep it out of the news.

– Matt Reynolds; follow him on Twitter @thelostmoment

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