Weekly News Blast

News BlastThe release of the almost embarrassing Aliens: Colonial Marines struck this week, causing outrage to the waiting Alien fan boys/girls. Low Fat Gaming’s Matt Reynolds reviewed it for us, giving the game what it deserves. Destiny was finally revealed on Sunday by Bungie. We’ve known it was coming for some time – know we’ve finally smacked eyes on it. The biggest news to strike this week was Wednesday night’s awaited reveal of the PlayStation 4. We talk all this, and more, below.


Destiny! You’ve seen Dave Green’s preview; finally it’s been revealed! COO Pete Parsons made the bold statement “We are going to advance the genre”. It can’t fail; with the backing of Activision, the project has to do what Parson claims. Is it really an advance in the genre, or, is it another Halo? Commercially, it’s destined to be a success; however, will Bungie really come forth and give us something new? Ultimately, Bungie will be confident they can avoid disaster, which Gearbox was not so lucky with this week, with their release of Aliens: Colonial Marines.


For those still in a rage with Aliens: Colonial Marines, new DLC has already been announced for next month in the form of co-operative–based Bug Hunt, to be followed by three more packs by the end of the summer. Can it redeem itself? We think the damage has been done. There was more controversy over boss man Randy Pitchford’s Twitter feed, with accusations of Gearbox ignoring criticism and only responding to praise. We’ve not heard the last of this. Fans are outraged, although some fans of other franchises are pleased to see their loved titles released this week.


Crysis 3 is out! Did you catch the beta? We did and we enjoyed it. Nothing different from the previous title, but it’s got the potential to erode your wallet – look out for our review soon! Eroding wallets to eroding faces, Revengence is here! Ah, the new Metal Gear with the weird name that makes no sense. It’s hugely different from the other Metal Gears, but it’s a fresh direction for the series. The demo is available on the Xbox 360 Dashboard right now. Download it and give it a go; you may want to purchase a sword afterwards, because you won’t get enough of slicing people up – review coming soon.  Be sure to pick one of them up, maybe both? Something PS3 owners will definitely be picking up next…


Persona 4 out this week.  In a nutshell… it’s a game about teenagers outsiders whom posses supernatural powers and use them to beat each other up. Not for you? Give it a go! Persona has been a loved franchise for years; and although crazier than a bag of kittens, it has the quality to get your interest.  Something that is getting Wii U owners interested is Scribblenauts Unlimited; unfortunately this has been delayed. It was puzzling to see how well that game will do; it was planned as a £50 game – how is the game is going to survive in today market? It’s an adaptation on the DS/IOS Scribblenauts, with more features, nicer graphics and a little more variety on what one can draw – yet, its RRP was £50! It’s crazy. It did feature a storyline. Great? Yeah, that weird red hatted protagonist Maxwell has got a story. We don’t know when it will come; it’s coming soon – to 3DS; Wii U and Windows. All at full retail price. Speaking of funny cartoon protagonists, also delayed is Ubisoft Montpellier’s Rayman Legends. Causing consternation to Rayman and Wii U fans alike, the delay will see PS3 and Xbox 360 releases at the same time in September. Which is a good job, as they might not want to release it any later than that…


The big news last – the PS4 has finally been announced! Wednesday evening, Sony gave us details on their next gen console. Gamers cried foul on not actually SEEING the console but we were happy enough that the next generation is finally on its way. It’s a beast too; 8GB of GDDR5 memory (double the rumoured 4GB) and, more importantly, custom made to specification by the developers working with the machine. No-one’s made a big deal about this – trust us, it’s BIG. It’s coming Holiday 2013 but we’re not sure if it that means Europe too. One thing we do know? We’re excited. Watch_Dogs and Capcom’s new IP Deep Down stole the show, while new installments in the Killzone and Infamous franchises were shown to mixed reactions. Bizarrely, Jonathon Blow turned up to show off his new game, The Witness which looked mesmerizing and out of place amongst all the explosions and neck stabbing. It’s a timed PS4 exclusive too.  There was further love for new IP in the shape of action-adventure Knack and Drive Club from Evolution. We expect a lot more news at E3. Microsoft – it’s over to you.

That was the weeks news. In the meantime, keep your gaming Low on Fat and High in Goodness.

Cameron Harris

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