Next Generation: PS4 reveal as it happened…


Missed out on Low Fat Gaming‘s tweets during the PlayStation 4 meeting? Don’t have Twitter? Don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of EVERY. SINGLE. TWEET.

We are go! #PS4 #LowFatGaming

Andrew House chatting about connectivity right now. Sharing content and such. #PS4

Sounds a lot like #Xbox E3 conference right now! #PS4

Talking #PSVita, shuffling from the audience. Moving on to Playstation Network and innovation. #PlayStation2013

Next Generation mentioned and new platform!! #Playstation2013 #PS4

“A glimpse of the future of play”. #PS4 #Playstation2013

Next Generation platform #PS4 officially announced! Lots of applause from the journos!

“Developer led and gamers first and socially led”. Over the next couple of hours?! #PS4

We might get some games soon – pretty dry right now. Also, love feeds are awful! #PS4

#PS4 is like a supercharged PC – designed just for game playing. And with that our feed has crashed! #PS4

8GB ram. A man is talking specs and numbers at us. Make him stop and show us some games? #PS4 #Playstation2013

#Dualshock4 is the prototype you’ve all seen, sticks still haven’t moved. Looks like it’s coming with Kinect too! #PS4

We should say a Kinect-like “light-bar” that works with Move. Showing some Unreal 4 tech demo now. #PS4

If you predicted a kids game would be the first to be shown – well done, you were right. #PS4

Called #Knack looks like Kameo but with CGI cut-scene quality graphics. #PS4

#PS4 has sleep and resume functions like iPad and such. Rumored for #NextXbox too.

#PS4 is always on – can download games whilst “switched off” which it never will be. We’re one step closer to HAL. #PS4

You can share video at a touch of the button and #PS4 interface is pretty much the metro dashboard on the #xbox360

#PS4 will constantly personalize for you – but also uses real names and profile pics and will download content it thinks you want. Erm? HAL!

Can play games as they’re downloading. Pretty cool. #PS4

Can try full games before you buy. Can multicast your gaming at times you set. Remote play is built into #PS4 using Vita. Companion piece.

Able to use #PsVita like a Wii U remote. Sony are taking like this is the biggest news ever. #PS4

Wonder if all this live streaming #PS4 is capable of will be better than they’re live feeds? #PS4

Video of a man talking about what Dave Perry has been talking about. Now the video has David Cage and other developers. Talking. #PS4

Sure been a lot of talking. And #Knack. #PS4

Very Apple so far. Games are being mentioned. GAMES!! #PS4

There’s that word. Synergy. We also had a good feed for 30 seconds too. Yay! #PS4

GAMES!!!! Feed crash! #PS4

Guerrilla on stage. #Killzone4 surely? Yes. #PS4

Wonder if this is going to be real time? Kills one: Shadowfall Looks STUNNING. #PS4#killzoneshadowfall

We all remember the pre-rendered #Killzone fiasco. Hard to tell if this is gameplay or not. If it is – oh boy. Looks legit!

#killzoneshadowfall is now orange and teal instead of brown and grey. Looks lovely. #PS4

Switched seamlessly from #killzoneshadowfall to #driveClub from Evolution. Team based racing – looks like Forza. Man is very excited #PS4

As a personal note, it’s lovely to hear a Manchester accent on stage.

#DriveClub is about people and challenges. 1st person perspective highly pushed so far. Cars look great.

Exclusive to #PS4, looks like #Infamous3?

Nope #SecondSon announced. Short video, not sure it was in-game either. #PS4

Sorry, it was #InfamousSecondSon Seem to want to distance themselves from numbered sequels. #PS4

Jon Blow coming on stage to talk a new game. Witness? #PS4

Jon Blow at a console launch is surprising. #Witness looks beautiful, not sure it’s the right moment though…

..unless it ends in neck stabbing and explosions. Doubtful. #PS4 #TheWitness

Confused applause. Journos weren’t expecting that! End of games for now, Cage is back to be French and talk about the future. #PS4

It took 5 seconds for David Cage to say emotion. He’s now said it about 500 times. Surprise, he’s now talking about films! #PS4

David Cage has just parted Twitter like the Red Sea. Fine work, sir. #PS4 #Emotion #Numbers

Tech demo for faces running real time on #PS4 Quality only achieved in CGI films before. #PS4

Media Molecule! They’ll talk about gameplay tech surely? Not old man CGI faces? #PS4

Seriously, David Cage talked about a floating head for a bit then left. Also said you can “feel emotions you can’t have in real life”.

(We love Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain!)

old man head

Media Molecule talking about 3D creation without polygons using the Move Controller. They are Sony’s Rare now. #PS4

Not really sure what to think about that. Looks amazing tech. Not sure I want to see a load of interactive cocks being created though. #ps4

Ono from Capcom is on stage!! Street Fighter?! No! #PS4

Ono-San talking about Capcom’s past. Talking about a new engine for the future. #PS4

New IP running on #PS4 Looks like Game of Thrones meets Dragons Dogma. Working title #LookingDown. Looks the sex. #PS4

Might be important to point out that this will more than likely be on #NextXbox too.

Sorry, #DeepDown It’s late, ok?

Square Enix on stage. Will this be the exclusive Final Fantasy Versus?

No, it’s a real-time tech demo running on #PS4

By the way, if you’ve never played #DragonsDogma do so – it’s bloody brilliant.

Same demo shown at E3 2012. Looks great though. Unsurprisingly, all the take demos have looked very impressive – more so than the games.

Final Fantasy announcement coming up. #PS4

#FinalFantasy title to be announced at #E3 this year. “Please be excited for it”. #PS4

#UbiSoft next. #WatchDogs surely. It’s Yves!! And it is #WatchDogs#PS4

No two ways about it; #WatchDogs looks so, so, so good. #PS4

Bit of sexy 80s saxophone going on too. #WatchDogs #PS4

Oooh, Blizzard are on stage. #PS4

Strategic partnership with Sony where “they will take over the world”. #PS4

#Blizzard bringing #Diablo3 to #PS3 and #PS4

One more publisher left to bring out… #Activision. Call of Duty? #PS4

Talking #Bungie and #Destiny. #PS4

#DestinyGameBungie being shown, all still shots of concept art and a few in-game screens. More #Activision to come at a later date (E3)

Exclusive content coming to #PS4 for #DestinyGameBungie

#PS4 coming “Holiday 2013” No territories mentioned. #PS4

And that’s it! Be sure to check out  over the coming days for more reaction! Goodnight! #PS4

As an aside – no look at the actual console!

Tweets by Dave Green (@DavidpGreen83)
Posted by Bill Boreham (@AngEalsh)
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