FATcast #22: Anti-beard terrorists


It’s FATcast time!

In this episode Dave, Matt and Sam are joined by Irish rogue Doug who talks BLOODBORNE.

Mortal Kombat, Star Wars, Warhammer and beard haters are also discussed – listen below!

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Friday Feeling: Brilliant Games That FLOPPED!

Friday Feeling

Most of the time, the games that deserve it receive critical and commercial success and all is well with the world. Hey, sometimes games that aren’t particularly good sell spectacularly well! There are times, though, where truly excellent games are praised to high-heaven… and no bugger buys them. Here are 5…

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Horizon: H1Z1 Early Access Preview


Martin Conmy takes a look at H1Z1, a zombie apocalypse surviver currently available in Steam Early Access. Developed by Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online before being sold), H1Z1 is in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Imagine Day Z combined with Everquest 2 and you’re going in the right direction, but is the game? Read on…

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Friday Feeling: You Want Indie’s? We Got Indie’s!

Friday Feeling

Indie’s, indie’s, indie’s. Whatever you gaming platform of choice is, there’s a deluge of creative and intriguing indie titles coming your way this year. Here are 5 that we’re keeping our beady eyes on…

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Horizon: Reflections


It’s a big year for Broken Window Studios – Grave, an intriguing first-person, desert-set horror, has already been announced and is sure to add some badly needed fresh blood and ideas to that genre (read our interview here). Coming first is Reflections, another passion-project from the studio and a game that passed through Steam Greenlight in just 7 days…

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Friday Feeling: Top 5 Franchises That DESERVE Another Go!

Friday Feeling

Some franchises disappear never to be seen or heard from again. Others fall away after a less than well received entry. While the time is right for some gaming series to go the way of the dodo, there are some that need to be brought back into our loving arms. Here’s our top 5 in new Friday Feeling…

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