Friday Feeling: Top 5 Franchises That DESERVE Another Go!

Friday Feeling

Some franchises disappear never to be seen or heard from again. Others fall away after a less than well received entry. While the time is right for some gaming series to go the way of the dodo, there are some that need to be brought back into our loving arms. Here’s our top 5 in new Friday Feeling…

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Friday Feeling: 5 Games To Watch In 2015

Friday Feeling

It’s the return (again) of Friday Feeling – your weekly slice of gaming’s past, present and future. This week, Dave takes a look at 5 games that are guaranteed to be leaving a hefty dent in your bank account in 2015. Read on, brave soul!

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Top 10 Games On Next Gen With Matt Reynolds – PART 1


We are just over a year into this console generation, and have already seen some great games make their way into our machines and our hearts. I felt now would be the perfect time to take stock of my favourite gaming experiences from the past year and compile them into a top ten countdown of gaming goodness. The following games may not necessarily be the best, but they are my personal favourites. Without further ado; here are numbers 10-6… Continue reading

FatCast: FatCast #20 “Dino Bidet”


The stars have aligned and your Low Fat Gaming FatCast team have got back together for not one last job and recorded our 20th FatCast on our 2nd birthday! How’d you like THEM apples, yeah!?

On the menu this time – weddings, games, films, Batman’s dining room, Steam presents, FOOD and dino bidets… it’s all very confusing and FUN.

Stream or download here:

Hatred Has A Right To Exist, But That Doesn’t Mean We Have To Like It


Re-wind a few months to the the announcement of Hatred, and indie game focused exclusively on violence, death and murder. “Ban This Sick Filth” were the inevitable cries from some quarters but, as much as the game doesn’t sit right with us, Sam Drower argues that any attempts to ban it goes against our rights to freedom of speech. Read on…

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FatCast #18 – “The Imposter”

It’s that time of the month again for the return of the FatCast  – with an extra special guest in a bumper edition!

We talk terrible accents, Shadow of Mordor, torrents of games, dodgy people and horror films – download and/or steam it here and tell your friends, family and loved ones about it; it’s greeeeaaattt.